WebGPU Gems

This text is a reference for learning and mastering WebGPU API (theoretical and applied perspective). In these pages, we provide links to official code and documentation, discuss the WebGPU API (and shaders) from an applied perspective with examples and explanations.

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Copyright © 2023 Benjamin Kenwright.

The code for this book was developed by Benjamin Kenwright and is licensed under the MIT license.

The image art was created by Inigo Quilez and is based on a procedural ray-tracing algorithm (web-based shader).

Special thanks to reviewers, colleagues and friends for input and discussion while developing the initial versions of the text.


Chapter 1: General

Chapter 2: Graphics

Chapter 3: Data-Processing

Chapter 4: Games

Chapter 5: Sound

Chapter 6: Simulations

Chapter 7: Machine Learning

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